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Rodman, real name Christian Michaels, is a British Trance Music Producer & DJ.

Rodman's journey through Trance started at the age of 15 in 1999 and took him down a path which would see him found and run the award-winning club night Kubik in Liverpool between 2004 and 2007, play Cream @ Nation in 2006 and Creamfields that same year, produce chart topping tracks on which gained support from Judge Jules on BBC Radio 1, found the anonymous Trance duo - Team 140 - delivering 212 weekly shows of their 2-hour broadcast The Trance Empire, and perform at both weekends of Tomorrowland's incredible 10th anniversary celebrations in July 2014.

With the passing of his mother in early 2020 and the enforced Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, Christian decided to return to his Trance music roots and work on rebuilding his Trance career under the new alias of Rodman. Now, in relaunching The Trance Empire shows and boasting a string of productions under his belt ready to be released on his own label Gold Standard Recordings, Rodman is optimistic about what the next part of his journey will hold.




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